Hans in Luck

I am Hans Heckel. I was born and raised in Berlin's Köpenick district.

The source of my photographs is the Museum of East German Toys, which is in Uncle Philipp's toy workshop, at number 35-36, Chorinerstrasse in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

After 15 years of running the toy shop, we finally completed the museum following two years of renovations in 2009. It was, and still is, a colourful, curious and fascinating emporium of gadgets, gizmos, figures, toys and objects that are filled with charm – and these things inpired me, awkoke my childhood memories, and simply gave me a great deal of joy.

I now present a series of photos featuring individual toys www.glueckspioniere.de. The first selection introduces you to the colours, shapes and the spirit of toys from the former GDR , and it featured in an exhibition in 2011. Part of that can now be seen in a permanent exhibition in Uncle Philipp's toy workshop.

Each motif inspired different thoughts within me - and raised the question: Who else might be enchanted by these images? Who else will be inspired and thrilled by them? Who else is will discover hidden things in these pictures?